Unleash the Awesome

Dr. Robert Cialdini Shares Powerful New Insights Regarding Influence and Persuasion

Episode Summary

Dave Gambrill and Dr. Robert Cialdini discuss the new science and tactics for how to increase conversions and compliance through influence and persuasion.

Episode Notes

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3:52 Overview of the original six principles of influence (reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking, scarcity) and highlights of the new material in "Influence, the Psychology Persuasion" New and Expanded version that comes out May 4, 2021. 
http://www.harperbusiness.com/book/9780062937650/Influence-New-and-Expanded-Robert-B.-Cialdini-PhD/ .


5:55 The new, 7th principle of Unity and how to leverage it.


8:45 Why it's not a good idea to ask for people's opinion. Do this instead...


13:35 Results of split tests from 6700 websites and funnels and the most powerful approaches that increased conversions.


14:58 Scarcity is the the most powerful persuasive tool you can use in online offers, and one specific type of scarcity is better than all the others.


17:06 How Booking.com uses many of the principles of persuasion on their site with amazing results.


20:00 Other ways to think about how to apply scarcity.


21:30 Leveraging the power of social proof on your websites, funnels, and emails.


24:08 Interesting insights on how to use testimonials, especially from people who have "authority" in that specific domain.


26:30 How to build reciprocity while also establishing authority. 


28:21 An interesting way to get people to "like you" faster online.


29:32 A simple tweak to your Video Sales Letter (VSL) or Pre-Launch Content (PLC) that can dramatically increase how fast prospects come to know, like, and trust you.


30:45 Instead of positioning yourself as the "guru on the mountain", you'll get better results when you position yourself as the "guide who comes alongside".


31:20 Why most people are using the "About Us" parts of a site or funnel wrong, and what you should do instead.


35:14 Dr. Cialdini and his team have some outstanding, online, on-demand training and coaching programs. You can get all of the details at https://www.influenceatwork.com/  .


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